Comic Book Review – Wolverine (2020) #1

A Two-Part Comic Book Done Right

Cover for Wolverine (2020) #1. Depicts Wolverine, claws-out, with bodies strewn-about.
Cover for Wolverine (2020) #1. Comic book cover by Adam Kubert and Frank Martin.

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  • Benjamin Percy – Writer
  • Adam Kubert – Artist ("The Flower Cartel")
  • Viktor Bogdanovich – Artist ("Catacombs")
  • Frank Martin – Color Artist ("The Flower Cartel")
  • Matthew Wilson – Color Artist ("Catacombs")
  • VC’s Cory Petit – Letterer
  • Tom Muller – Design
  • Adam Kubert & Frank Martin – Cover Artists
  • Alex Ross, Chip Kidd, Jeehyung Lee, Jim Lee, Jason Keith, Rahzzah, R.B. Silva, Marte Gracia, Skottie Young, Gabriele Dell’Otto – Variant Cover Artists
  • Nick Russel – Production
  • Jonathan Hickman – Head of X
  • Chris Robinson – Assistant Editor
  • Jordan D. White – Editor
  • C.B. Cebulski – Editor-in-Chief


Marvel protects their crown jewel that is Wolverine, and Wolverine #1 is no exception. This issue has top-notch writing AND art. Benjamin Percy does a perfect job depicting Wolverine just as we always expect him to behave. He’s rough, he’s gruff, and he’s just an all-around badass. This comic book is the crème de la crème of Marvel Comics. And I’m not just saying this as a life-long fan of Wolverine. To make it even better, we get TWO stories instead of just one. Buy this comic book!


You are now exiting the spoiler-free zone. Do yourself a favor and stop reading if you don’t want any spoilers.

The first story in this comic book is "The Flower Cartel". It starts off with Wolverine waking up after some sort of physical devastation. We get to see his healing factor in full-effect. As he’s coming-to, he realizes that some of his friends are laying dead beside him. I won’t spoil who it is for you though. You have to read the comic book to find out for yourself! Wolverine finds a set of footprints, which he then follows.

Most of this story is a flashback of the events that occurred before Wolverine wakes up next to his dead friends. We see him play hide and seek with mutant children on Krakoa. He gets to have a drink with Kitty Pryde before he is tasked with finding out who is smuggling drugs out of Krakoa. This takes him and other members of X-Force on a trip to Russia. They end up being transported right in the middle of a cult of mutant-consuming zealots. The flashback then jumps back to present day, where Wolverine is discovered in the snow, alone, by the CIA.

The second story, "Catacombs" has Wolverine going up against vampires. Omega Red arrives in Krakoa, asking for amnesty. Wolverine isn’t having any of it, but Magneto gets in his way. Magneto then sends Wolverine to Paris, which is where Omega Red, beaten and bloodied, had arrived from. Logan meets a vampire hunter, and he decides to help her while investigating Omega Red’s trouble. The thing is it turns out that there is a mutant working for Dracula. Read the comic book to find out whom!

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