Comic Book Review – The Green Lantern: Season Two #1

Trippy Art in a Trippy Comic Book

Cover for The Green Lantern: Season Two #1. Depicts Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern.
Cover for The Green Lantern: Season Two #1. Comic book cover by Liam Sharp.

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  • Grant Morrison – Writer
  • Liam Sharp – Artist & Cover
  • Steve Oliff – Colorist
  • Tom Orzechowski – Letterer
  • Gerald Parel – Variant Cover
  • Jessica Berbey – Assistant Editor
  • Jessica Chen – Associate Editor
  • Brian Cunningham – Editor


As the headline states: The art in The Green Lantern: Season Two #1 is trippy! I guess this is to be expected from Green Lantern comics, where the main character is a space cop. I honestly haven’t read a lot of Green Lantern, but after reading this issue I want that to change. The art alone is reason enough to pick this comic book up. The story is just as trippy as the art. Though it may get confusing at times for people who aren’t 100% familiar with Green Lantern comics. It all comes together at the end. So it’s not like you have to read a Silver Age Green Lantern omnibus before snagging this issue.


You are now exiting the spoiler-free zone. Do yourself a favor and stop reading if you don’t want any spoilers.

The comic book starts with Hal Jordan and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps. celebrating. Hal is receiving plenty of praise from his superiors, and they even connect his ring to a more powerful battery as a reward. But then Hal Jordan wakes up. He is awakened by the Elders on what looks like an asteroid or moon for some other planet. It turns out they have to attend to a new reality, but they have work for the Green Lantern. The story gets a little confusing at this part.

Hal Jordan meets up with his new charge, Special Officer Rykaktoro. Ryk is a sentient, giant, crystallized mineral. Hal seems to be displeased with having to "babysit" during his trip to Maltus with Ryk. Ryk on the other hand is ready to rock (pun intended). Their mission is to recruit newly-born Guardians of the Universe. The problem is that Maltus has turned into a state of "neo-barbarism". So they’re pretty much on a rescue mission. Sadly, they don’t make it in time before the Guardian eggs are all burned and destroyed by a large pack of cyborg great apes. During the invasion, Mother Juna, the creator of the Guardians, hid a seed for Ryk and Hal to find.

Ryk and Hal now need to rescue the kidnapped Mother Juna. At one point Ryk decides to disregard protocol in favor of urgency, and because of this they are able to save Mother Juna. It turns out that Mother Juna orchestrated the entire hostile situation as a sort of initiation for Ryk. As reward for his success, he is inducted into the Green Lantern Corps. With the seed, Mother Juna is able to create new Guardians. One of their first orders of business includes sending Hal Jordan to a planet he definitely doesn’t want to go to. Where? Read the comic book and find out for yourself!

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