Comic Book Review – X-Men + Fantastic Four: Director’s Cut (2020) #1

A Comic Book about Conflict Between Friends and Family

Cover to X-Men + Fantastic Four. Depicts members from both teams.
Cover for X-Men + Fantastic Four #1. Comic book cover by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson.

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  • Chip Zdarsky – Writer
  • Terry Dodson – Penciler
  • Rachel Dodson – Inker
  • Dexter Vines and Karl Story – Ink Assist
  • Laura Martin – Color Artist
  • VC’s Joe Caramagna – Letterer
  • Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson – Cover Artists
  • Mark Brooks, Chris Eliopoulos, Meghan Hetrick, Javier GarrĂ³n , David Curiel, John Romita, & Morry Hollowell – Variant Cover Artists
  • Carlos Lao – Production
  • Shannon Andrews Ballesteros – Assistant Editor
  • Alanna Smith – Associate Editor
  • Tom Brevoort- Editor
  • C.B. Cebulsky – Editor-in-Chief
  • X-Men & Fantastic Four created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Spoiler-Free Zone

X-Men + Fantastic Four (2020) #1 is pretty good. The Fantastic Four is just trying to protect one of their own. The X-Men want to help whom they see as one of their own. We see them both try to protect the same person from each other, so naturally there are some fighting scenes. Not everyone wants to be part of the conflict. That adds an interesting context to the story line. The artwork gets an A+ from me. If you enjoy super hero comic books, then this is a must-buy.

End of Spoiler-Free Zone

You are now exiting the spoiler-free zone. Do yourself a favor and stop reading if you don’t want any spoilers.

Franklin Richards is The Impossible Boy. He is known to exert immense power, and he has even created universes. The problem is his power is dwindling. He’s afraid that once his power is gone, it will be gone forever. Franklin is also the son of Reed Richards and Sue Storm AKA Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman. Reed is actively trying to find a way to stop his son from losing his power, but he is failing. He is also showing signs that maybe he doesn’t want his son to have that kind of power.

Professor Xavier and Magneto have decided that it’s imperative that they bring Franklin Richards, who is a mutant, to Krakoa. They know about his power loss, and they feel that he is of age to decide between good and evil. The X-Men want to make sure he chooses correctly by inviting him to their home (Krakoa is the home for all mutants). Sue and Reed, being protective parents, take this invitation as a kidnapping attempt. So they fight the X-Men to protect Franklin.

Of course The Human Torch and Thing have to get in on the action. While they are fighting, Franklin Richards chooses to run through a gate to Krakoa. Unfortunately for him, his father had implanted a chip that masked his mutant genome, so the gate can’t work for him. Later some of the X-Men are on a boat. Assuming they were on their way to Krakoa, Franklin Richards and his sister stowed away on the ship. However once they make their presence known, they find that the X-Men weren’t on their way to Krakoa. Instead they were on their way to rescue some mutants.

Suddenly their ship hits something. But what did they hit? And who is this mighty, magical being that is behind it all? You’ll have to read the book because that’s the end and I usually don’t like spoiling the end for you. Support your local comic book shop and get this book. The extra pencil-to-ink-to-colored pages of artwork are reason alone to get the Director’s Cut edition. Or just so you know you can help me out big time by purchasing the comic book with my affiliate link above. Obviously only consider that if you really want the book. Thank you for reading! Leave a comment and share this review with other comic book aficionados in your circle.

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