Comic Book Review – Batman: White Knight #8

The Final Issue Brings this Comic Book Series to a Head

Cover for Batman: White Knight #8. Depicts Batman and Jack Napier back-to-back.
Cover for Batman: White Knight #8. Comic book cover by Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth.

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  • Sean Murphy – Script, Art, Covers
  • Matt Hollingsworth – Colors and Cover Colors
  • Todd Klein – Letters
  • Maggie Howell – Asst. Editor
  • Mark Doyle – Editor
  • Batman was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger


This final issue of Batman: White Knight is a bit longer than the other issues. It does a good job of wrapping everything up. Like the others, the artwork is great and the writing isn’t half-bad. This series as a whole was not perfect in any sense of the word, but it was entertaining to say the least. You owe it to yourself to grab this last issue if you’ve been keeping up with the series.


You are now exiting the spoiler-free zone. Do yourself a favor and stop reading if you don’t want any spoilers.

The GTO is on their way to Neo Joker’s hideout. On the way, Jack Napier reverts back to The Joker while sitting next to Batman in the Batmobile. Joker manages to get to Neo Joker and punches her lights out. In so doing, he releases Clayface from the Rogues Gallery and Clayface chases after The Joker. Batman actually tosses the keys to his Batmobile to The Joker to aid in his escape!

Driving with Harley at his side, The Joker turns back into Jack Napier and confesses his love to Harley. He then seemingly sacrifices himself by releasing Harley from the Batmobile in the form of a Batbike. Joker crashes the Batmobile, releasing Gotham Bay into the tunnel. Mr. Freeze activates the freeze cannon one more time to reverse the freezing effect that Neo Joker put over all of Gotham. The cannon then crumbles under the weight of the water.

Thinking Joker dead, Harley goes full-force after Neo Joker and captures her. She is about to murder Neo Joker until she hears over the radio that Batman had saved The Joker’s life. So she instead decides to bring Neo Joker in. As part of his agreement with Batman, Jack Napier demands to be taken to Arkham Asylum before fully reverting back to The Joker. While there, he marries Harley Quinn. Something big happens during their wedding which I will not spoil for you. Read the book!

During the final wrap-up, we find that Harley Quinn was 100% behind Jack Napier’s existence. She had created the pills that Batman force-fed to The Joker. We all read through the series thinking that Jack Napier was the White Knight, while Harley was the White Knight all-along. The comic book ends with Batman speaking with Commissioner Gordon. He gives up the keys to all of his Batmobiles to the GTO and then does something unprecedented. Again, I don’t want to spoil everything for you so you will have to read this comic book to find out how it ends.

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