Comic Book Review – The Kill Lock #1

Cover to The Kill Lock #1. Depicts a robot in space.
Cover for The Kill Lock #1. Comic book cover by Livio Ramondelli.

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  • Story and Art by Livio Ramondelli
  • Letters by Tom B. Long
  • Edited by David Mariotte


The Kill Lock #1 is a fantastic debut issue. The artwork feels like concept art for a futuristic, sci-fi video game. Right off the bat it makes the reader feel. Whether or not the reader ends up feeling good or bad is for you to decide. This is especially surprising given this book is all about robots. I would recommend anyone who enjoys a good story with excellent artwork to grab this comic book any way you can. If you like sci-fi, even better. Keep in mind that The Kill Lock is adult-oriented due to violence and language.


You are now exiting the spoiler-free zone. Do yourself a favor and stop reading if you don’t want any spoilers.

Four robots have been sentenced to death. Three out of the four are criminals, while the fourth is not. Instead of being destroyed outright, they are all linked with the Kill Lock. The Kill Lock makes it so whoever is linked will die if any one of the linked robots die. They were left to die on a remote planet. The least pleasant of the four is an artisan robot. He was sentenced for dissecting his colleagues while they were still alive. The artisan robot tends to be outspoken and intolerant of those around him. So intolerant in fact that he’ll shut your functions down if he feels you’re annoying him enough.

The innocent one doesn’t know why he is there, linked to the other via the Kill Lock. They tell him that he is an innocent amongst them. Because he is an innocent, they decide that it is best for them to find a cure for the Kill Lock. While discussing this, a group of scavengers arrives and attempts to deconstruct them for parts. The largest of the four robots, The Wraith, absolutely destroys the scavengers after they fail to heed his warning.

The artisan robot manages to get information out of the dying scavengers as to where they may find a ship. Using the ship, they set their sites on the planet Rachis, a “party planet”. Supposedly that will get them closer to finding a cure for the Kill Lock.

I can’t wait for more issues to come out. It seems as though only three issues have been planned, so the story must be pretty short. This is one of those comic books that have it all: amazing artwork and a decent story. I highly recommend you pick up this comic book!

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