Comic Book Review – Batman: White Knight #6

Cover for Batman: White Knight #6. Depicts Mr. Freeze, his encapsulated wife, and the Batmobile.
Cover for Batman: White Knight #6. Comic book cover by Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth.

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Credits: (Note – There is no credits section in this issue. I’ll assume the same people who have worked on the rest of the series worked on issue #6)

  • Sean Murphy – Script, Art, Covers
  • Matt Hollingsworth – Colors and Cover Colors
  • Todd Klein – Letters
  • Maggie Howell – Asst. Editor
  • Mark Doyle – Editor
  • Batman was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger


We continue the Batman: White Knight series with an action-packed issue. This one was a fun read. It deals a lot with how Nightwing and Commissioner Gordon wish to handle Batman. They both know that Batman has been Gotham City’s savior for decades. Nightwing and Gordon have their own, separate thoughts on how to bring him down. We also get to see Napier get involved. If you’ve been keeping up with the series, this issue is a must-buy.


You are now exiting the spoiler-free zone. Do yourself a favor and stop reading if you don’t want any spoilers.

Commissioner Gordon has had it with Batman. He not only wants to bring him in, but he wants to know his true identity. He tries to pressure Nightwing into giving him up, but he won’t do it. Nightwing is on-board with bringing in Batman, but he requests the mask stay on. Batgirl is flabbergasted that Nightwing could even think of betraying Bruce. She ends up quitting the GTO as a result.

Gordon has Nightwing steal one of Bruce’s Batmobiles and decides to drive it himself. With the help on an EMP and precautions against said EMP, the Commissioner runs Batman off the road. Beaten and bruised, Bruce can’t get away on-foot and is confronted by Jack Napier. I’ll let you read the book to find out what happens between them.

Neo Joker activates a giant, underground cannon and brings it to the surface. It turns out that the cannon was developed by Mr. Freeze’s father. She shoots out a giant blast of frost, freezing thousands of Gotham residents and trapping them in their homes. Neo Joker also left a message on the side of a few tall buildings asking for Joker. The GCPD/GTO are deciding on how to handle matters while the National Guard are on their way. The President of the United States declared a state of emergency in Gotham. Napier does something unprecedented at the end of the book, but I won’t spoil that for you either!

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