Comic Book Review – Batman: White Knight #5

Cover to Batman: White Knght #5, depicting Neo Joker, Batman, Napier, Quinn, & Backport residents.
Cover to Batman: White Knight #5. Comic book cover by Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth.

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  • Sean Murphy – Script, Art, Covers
  • Matt Hollingsworth – Colors and Cover Colors
  • Todd Klein – Letters
  • Maggie Howell – Asst. Editor
  • Mark Doyle – Editor
  • Batman was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger


Issue #5 of Batman: White Knight is a good one. There are parts that get a bit jarring, as things seem to flow faster than expected. But overall the story is great and the art is fantastic. Definitely read the previous four issues first, but get this one, too. There’s a lot of action to enjoy and it moves the story along nicely.


You are now exiting the spoiler-free zone. Do yourself a favor and stop reading if you don’t want any spoilers.

So it turns out that the pills that Jack Napier is taking have started to cause him to cough-up blood. They barely touch on this, but I’m certain it’s foreshadowing for future issues. Maybe Harley, worried for her man, gets him to stop taking the pills? I’ll have to keep reading this series to find out for sure.

Nightwing and Batman almost get into a scuffle. Batgirl and Nightwing want to join the GTO but Bruce Wayne is having none of it. Batgirl gets in-between them and scolds both of them. Batman leaves them to go pay Harley Quinn a visit. He asks for her help, bringing up the time she found Joker almost killing Jason Todd. She doesn’t budge however. She believes that Jack Napier is no longer a villain and doesn’t want to sic the Batman on him. After Batman leaves, it is revealed that Jack Napier was listening-in on the whole conversation. Although Harley Quinn is on Jack Napier’s side, she shows a bit of disappointment due to his obsession over Batman.

Neo Joker and Mad Hatter are still teamed up. With the help of a mind-controlled Poison Ivy, they break into Wayne Manor. Hatter finds blueprints of tunnels underneath Gotham City, implied to have been used by Mr. Freeze. But it also seems as though the blueprints were left out on purpose. This is confirmed when we see Bruce Wayne himself spying the intruders. He startles them away by calling them “Hooligans”, telling them to leave.

This is where the story seems to jump forward a bit. Nightwing and Batgirl are apparently already part of the GTO, and Bruce has them waiting for Neo Joker and the Hatter outside. The GTO pursue Neo Joker and the Mad Hatter, but the mind-controlled Rogues Gallery keep getting in the way. Batman decides to take matters into his own hands, and as a result a bridge collapses.

Bats almost catches Neo Joker but he ends up with just a picture of Mr. Freeze and his father, Thomas Wayne instead. Commissioner Gordon calls out an A.P.B. on Batman. Batman confronts Mr. Freeze, and Neo Joker unveils a plan of destruction to the Hatter.

This issue leaves a lot of questions open. What do Jack Napier and Harley Quinn have in store for Batman? Clearly Quinn knows that Napier isn’t 100% cured as he has employed devious tactics. Not only that, she tells him to put his make-up on at some point. Later when she finishes talking to Batman, we get to see Jack Napier without any make-up again. Did they do something devious in-between? Or does she have him wear his Joker make-up for…other reasons?

Also, what’s up with Mr. Freeze? Is he really a Nazi? What type of work did he do with Thomas Wayne? What will happen when the GTO get their hands on Batman? Will Nightwing and Batgirl give up his secret identity to bring him down? And just what does Neo-Joker think she’s going to do with a giant cannon? I guess I’ll just have to keep reading this comic book series to see what happens next.

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