Comic Book Review – Strikeforce #1

Cover to Strikeforce #1. Depicts Blade, Winter Solder, Spider-Woman, and Angela posing with a pentagram.
Cover to Strikeforce #1. Comic book cover by Andrea Sorrentino & Dean White.

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  • Tini Howard – Writer
  • Germán Peralta – Artist
  • Jordie Bellaire – Color Artist
  • VC’s Joe Sabino – Lettering & Design
  • Jay Bowen – Logo
  • Andrea Sorrentino & Dean White – Cover Artists
  • Ryan Benjamin, Joe Bennett, Scott Hanna, Dean White, Mike Deodato Jr., Greg Horn, Joe Quesada, Richard Isanove, & David Yardin – Variant Cover Artists
  • Sarah Brunstad – Associate Editor
  • Wil Moss – Editor
  • C.B. Cebulski – Editor-in-Chief
  • Joe Quesada – Chief Creative Officer
  • Dan Buckley – President
  • Alan Fine – Exective Producer


This comic book is pretty decent. There’s nothing to hate about it, but I wouldn’t call it my favorite either. I’d say give it a chance if you’re curious. It’s worth it for the artwork alone. Also, Blade is in it!


You are now exiting the spoiler-free zone. Do yourself a favor and stop reading if you don’t want any spoilers.

The book starts off at a research facility. A group of people have stolen a pathogen from the facility and the Avengers have been called in. They end up finding the group of Spectrum, Angela, Winter Soldier, Spider-Woman, and Wiccan holed-up inside. The Avengers detain their suspects and call in Blade for help.

It turns out that Blade knows exactly what’s going on. The group of heroes mentioned earlier have been framed by shape-shifters. Blade decides to help them clear their names after the Avengers give him full autonomy. The group is attacked by what appears to be a Doombot. Angela cuts it in half only to find that it is a Vridai. The Vridai are “the twisting fae of Svartalfheim”. They are able to shape-shift into any form, and were released when the Black Bifrost was destroyed. They must capture a person before they can shape-shift into them.

The group is then attacked by Vridai in The Fortress of Vistani. After winning the fight they are confronted by Count Ophidian, the King of the Vridai. Blade and Wiccan attempt to attack Ophidian but he is behind some sort of magic force field. Daimon Hellstrom (or Vridai posing as him) shows up and… well I don’t wish to spoil the end for you now, do I?

The artwork in this book is top-notch. The writing had me a tad confused because it began with The Avengers. Then it never really explains why “Strikeforce” were chosen by the Vridai. They do mention that they go after the morally-weak, but I don’t buy that just yet. Also, “Strikeforce” just doesn’t feel like a solid team to me. Where does the chemistry come from? Do they even know that they are “Strikeforce”? It feels like they decided to throw a bunch of cool characters together in a team-up. They called them Strikeforce, but then forgot to give the team a proper origin. Then again, this conflict with the Vridai could be their origin story.

I’d like to thank Cool Chris over at Comic Bug in Culver City again for suggesting this book to me!

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