Comic Book Review – Conan The Barbarian (Vol. 4) #1

Cover to Conan: The Barbarian #1. Depicts Conan fighting with sword and shield.
Cover to Conan The Barbarian (Vol. 4) #1. Comic book cover by Esad Ribić.

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  • Jason Aaron – Writer
  • Mahmud Asrar – Artist
  • Matthew Wilson – Colorist
  • VC’s Travis Lanham – Letterer
  • Esad Ribić – Cover Artist
  • Daniel_Acuña, Mahmud Asrar, Matthew Wilson, John Cassaday, Laura Martin, John Tyler Christopher, Kirbi Fagan, Adi Granov, Greg Hildebrandt, Esad Ribić, Jesus Saiz, Bill Sienkewicz, Scottie Young, Gerardo Zaffino & Rain Beredo – Variant Cover Artists
  • Jay Bowen & Adam Del Re – Additional Logo & Novella Design
  • Anthony Gambino – Production Design
  • Mark Basso – Editor
  • Ralph Macchio – Consulting Editor
  • C.B. Cebulski – Editor-in-Chief
  • Joe Quesada – Chief Creative Officer
  • Dan Buckley – President
  • Brian Overton & Cory Sedlmeier – Special Thanks
  • Fred Malmberg – Treasurer of Tranicos
  • Jay Zetterberg – Royal Librarian of Aquilonia
  • Steve Booth – Commander of the Black Dragons
  • Conan created by Robert E. Howard


This comic book felt like a Conan book through and through. There’s blood & gore, and an overall sense of brutality that fits so well with the Hyborian Age. Nothing really happens that is confusing. It remains action-packed throughout. This series is now a serious candidate for me to continue reviewing. When I’m finished with the Batman: White Knight and Curse of the White Knight series’ I’ll have to really think about it. Read this one!


You are now exiting the spoiler-free zone. Do yourself a favor and stop reading if you don’t want any spoilers.

I really enjoyed this comic. The beginning provides us with a brief origin story for Conan. They really didn’t hold back on the brutality and gore. I would say this book is definitely for a mature audience. Conan wins an arena battle and goes home with a beautiful woman. This woman, he soon finds while having sex with her, is the Crimson Witch. She kidnaps him for use in a summoning ritual to bring forth Razazel.

He breaks free during the ritual and is faced with an undead army. After hacking and slashing his way through the skeletons and zombies, he partially beheads the Crimson Witch. Thinking her dead, he leaves her tower and the comic book fast-forwards. Conan is now King of Aquilonia. During the aftermath of a battle won, Conan finds two young children loading bodies onto a cart. Perplexed, he approaches them, and they tell him that they work for the glory of Razazel.

Before Conan can fully process what they said, he and what’s left of his army are attacked by the Crimson Witch. Soon enough Conan is the last one of his crew left alive. The children get involved in the fight at the end of this book. I will let you read the comic book to find out what happens next.

I’d like to say thanks to Cool Chris over at Comic Bug in Culver City for recommending this comic to me. This was a solid purchase.

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