Comic Book Review – Batman: White Knight #4

Cover to Batman: White Knight #4. Depicts Batman crying blood and Joker running for office.
Cover to Batman: White Knight #4. Comic book cover by Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth

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  • Sean Murphy – Script, Art, Covers
  • Matt Hollingsworth – Colors and Cover Colors
  • Todd Klein – Letters
  • Maggie Howell – Asst. Editor
  • Mark Doyle – Editor
  • Batman was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger


I really enjoyed this comic book issue. It isn’t as thrown-about as issue #3 was and was an easier read as a result. I was surprised that there was no mention of Alfred Pennyworth in this comic book. Maybe that will come back later on in the series.

I recommend picking up this comic book if you have been keeping up with the series. It’s a good one.


You are now exiting the spoiler-free zone. Do yourself a favor and stop reading if you don’t want any spoilers.

Now Jack Napier (AKA The Joker) is running for office and organizing a peaceful protest. GCPD is split as to whether or not to arrest Napier or to allow the protest. Of course Batman jumps in to make himself look bad by showing physical aggression. It all plays into Napier’s hands. Jack suggests to Commissioner Gordon, Nightwing, and Batgirl that it would be best to put cops and vigilantes all under the same umbrella. Batman and his ilk will get to keep their secret identities. But they will have body cameras and will be working for GCPD instead of on their own. He calls his suggested unit the GTO or Gotham Terrorism Oppression unit.

Harley Quinn (the real one) takes Jack out for a night on the down. She asks him if his intentions to marry her are real, and they become engaged. While this goes on, the new Harley is wreaking havoc on Gotham. She and the Hatter now have control of the entire Rogues Gallery. The new Harley identifies herself as Neo Joker: a temporary replacement for The Joker until she can get him back. She has Bane and Killer Croc destroy the GCPD station and then attempts to get Napier to give up his pills. We get an origin story for her and learn her real name: Marian Drews. She intends to surpass The Joker’s villainy, triggering his ego to get him to ‘come back’.

Of course the comic book ends with a twist, which I shall not spoil for you here. This issue was short and sweet, and didn’t have too much for the brain to process all at once. The idea of a Neo Joker doing whatever she can to get the man she loves back is fun. I kept hearing the song, “Baby Come Back” play in my head while reading this comic book. I wonder if Batman and friends will go along with the GTO idea, even if it was something temporary. They might bide their time until The Joker shows his true colors again.

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