Comic Book Review – Venom 2099 (2019) #1

Cover to Venom 2099 showing Venom staring at a piece of itself in a vial.
Cover to Venom 2099 (2019). Comic book cover by Clayton Crain.

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  • Jody Houser – Writer
  • Francesco Mobili & Geraldo Borges – Artists
  • Rachelle Rosenberg – Colors
  • VC’s Clayton Cowles – Letterer
  • Clayton Crain – Cover
  • Otto Schmidt, Ron Lim, & Neeraj Menon – Variant Covers
  • Jay Bowen – Design
  • Danny Khazem – Editor
  • Devin Lewis – Supervising Editor
  • C. B. Cebulski – Editor in Chief
  • Joe Quesada – Chief Creative Officer
  • Dan Buckley – President
  • Alan Fine – Executive Producer


I’m excited to keep reading this comic book series. I like how they are using the same Venom we all know and love. It makes sense for him to be able to live a good number of years given he can survive space travel. I also enjoy that they chose a woman of color to be the new host. Representation matters, and although I’m not a woman of color, I can appreciate it. With Peter Parker, Eddie Brock, and Flash Thompson presumably long-gone, it makes sense to have someone completely fresh take up the helm.


You are now exiting the spoiler-free zone. Do yourself a favor and stop reading if you don’t want any spoilers.

Ever wonder what it would be like to be Venom in the future? Well, to be honest, not a lot has changed. I’m not quite sure if this is the same Venom who was once Spider-Man’s black costume, but it seems as though it is. Only this time he has been captured and is being harvested by scientists at Alchemax. At first, it seems bits and pieces of him are being used to heal people. But we learn later on that Alchemax wants to create super soldiers.

I guess no one told Alchemax that it takes a god to control a symbiote like Venom. Once they graft a piece of him into a young girl (healing her burn scars under false pretenses), Venom takes over. With the help of the girl-host, they are able to break into Alchemax and retrieve the rest of his bits and pieces.

There’s a side-story where Alea (Venom’s new host) is being bullied by her peers. This is where we see that the perceived style of the future still hasn’t changed since the 80’s. The fashion in this comic book is typical purple mo hawks and jackets with giant studs & plugs sticking out of them. Alea tells Venom that she wants to be a hero, not a villain. Venom says something like “Oh you’re one of those” (I paraphrase). So the next day Alea dons her Venom form to scare her bully.

Something happens at the end. If you know who Venom’s god is, then you know what happens when he calls out to his symbiotes. This is when Venom declares that his god is indeed not dead, but alive on earth. Without knowing a bit about Venom’s lore, this ending should be well-confusing.

The artwork is fantastic. Aside from the cookie-cutter bully angle, the story is intriguing. I do recommend you pick up this comic book as soon as you can!


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