Comic Book Review – New Mutants (2019) #1

Cover for New Mutants #1 (2019) shows Chamber, Mondo, Cypher, Wolfsbane, and others posing.
Cover for New Mutants #1 (2019). Comic book cover by Rod Reis.

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  • Ed Brisson and Jonathan Hickman – Writers
  • Rod Reis – Artist
  • VC’s Travis Lanham – Letterer
  • Tom Muller – Design
  • Rod Reis – Cover Artist
  • Nick Bradshaw, Morry Hollowell, Stanley "Artgerm" Lau, Mark Bagley, John Dell, Israel Silva, Tom Muller – Variant Cover Artists
  • Nick Russell – Production
  • Jonathan Hickman – Head of X
  • Annalise Bissa – Assistant Editor
  • Jordan D. White – Editor
  • C. B. Cebulski – Editor in Chief
  • Joe Quesada – Chief Creative Officer
  • Dan Buckley – President
  • Alan Fine – Executive Producer


I have to be honest with you. I’ve only dabbled in the New Mutants comic books. It’s a shame because they are a big part of X-Men lore that I missed out on. From what I can remember, the New Mutants eventually became X-Force. Cable came along and took lead. But those were mostly different characters then and it was a long time ago.

Now we have Krakoa, the mutant living island that is able to thrive as long as other mutants are living on it. With the large scale of mutants now living on Krakoa, it no longer has to actually prey on them. Also, Professor X had at some point come to some sort of mental agreement with Krakoa. All of this unfortunately isn’t explained in this book. There are certainly hints throughout, but nothing that makes Googling not necessary.

I can’t blame this comic book for not holding my hand, though. It’s my fault for not keeping up, though it’s no skin off my back.

This new group of New Mutants on the cover are Colossus’ sister, Magik, whom I believe has been a part of New Mutants lore. I could have sworn she died at some point. But these are comic books after all! Next is Mondo, whom I believe was a part of Generation X. Speaking of Generation X, we have Chamber. Then we have Cypher, Wolfsbane, Sunspot and then Karma and Mirage. I don’t know much at all about Karma and Mirage.

I recommend this book, especially if you’re ready to pick up on a story that goes up into Shi’ar space. I wasn’t expecting a space setting in the first issue but here we are. The art is fantastic, and the writing has a sense of humor.


You are now exiting the spoiler-free zone. Do yourself a favor and stop reading if you don’t want any spoilers.

Cypher and Mondo end up having curious experiences on Krakoa. The New Mutants end up leaving Krakoa and getting caught up in a heist orchestrated by the Starjammers. While on their ship as a guest, Magik cuts a guys arm off during a sparring session. Though he did break her nose first. They end up in Shi’ar space. Unbeknownst to the New Mutants, the Starjammers are there to steal a valuable egg of sorts. Corsair (leader of the Starjammers) explains to them that the Shi’ar torture and kill their prisoners. He tries to use this as a precautionary tale to get them to stay put on the ship. Of course, they don’t. Why? To free the prisoners, of course.

Sunspot stays on the ship and the team takes off via Magik’s teleportation ability while he’s away to find some alcohol. The New Mutants and the Starjammers get ambushed by the Shi’ar forces. By orders of Corsair, the Starjammers leave the New Mutants behind. They even kicked Sunspot off the ship because he stole Corsairs whiskey. The New Mutants fail to fight off the Shi’ar an end-up captured. Sunspot says not to worry because he knows a good space lawyer.

And then it shows a one-page ad for said space lawyer. You can imagine what a space lawyer looks like or you can read the comic book.

I really enjoyed this book. The art is superb as expected. I enjoyed getting a small glimpse at where the X-Men lore has gone since I last read them religiously. The end was somewhat jarring when they don’t show Sunspot get captured alone, but rather with the rest of the New Mutants. My only explanation for that is they were leaving the fight and process of capture to our imagination.

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