Comic Book Review – Savage Avengers #1

Cover to Savage Avengers #1, featuring Punisher, Wolverine, Elektra, Conan, Venom, and Dr. Voodoo.
Cover for Savage Avengers #1. Comic book cover by David Finch and Frank D”Armata.

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  • Writer – Gerry Duggan
  • Artist – Mike Deodato Jr.
  • Color Artist – Frank Martin
  • Letterer – VC’s Travis Lanham
  • Cover – David Finch and Frank D’Armata
  • Variant Covers – Simone Bianchi, Simone Peruzzi, Mike Deodato Jr., Frank Martin, Moebius, Skottie Young, Leinil Francis Yu, & Romulo Fajardo Jr.
  • Graphic Designer – Carlos Lao
  • Assistant Editor – Shannon Andrews
  • Associate Editor – Alanna Smith
  • Editor – Tom Brevoort
  • Editor in Chief – C.B. Cebulski
  • Chief Creative Officer – Joe Quesada
  • President – Dan Buckley
  • Executive Producer – Alan Fine
  • Avengers created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby
  • Conan created by Robert E. Howard


OK. I’m going to have to state this outright from the beginning: This review is going to be biased. The Punisher is my favorite comic book character of all time. Wolverine, Venom, and Elektra have all been high up on my list of faves for about as long as I can remember. Also I just so happen to have played WAY too much Conan: Exiles in the past two years. With that said, I promise to, like all of my other reviews, be as unbiased as possible.

So yeah. The first time I heard about this book, I didn’t even know that Conan had made his way to Earth in the Marvel Universe. Now that I think of it, it kind of makes sense since Marvel has had the Conan comic book license at various times.  I’ve read this one before, but I have yet to finish the entire series. 

This issue is just the beginning, but for a start it’s very enjoyable. I wouldn’t recommend it for young children who are not accustomed to vicious violence and blood, because you will see plenty of that. There is even a giant bowl of blood and body parts. So yeah: T for Teen ha ha.


You are now exiting the spoiler-free zone. Do yourself a favor and stop reading if you don’t want any spoilers.

The comic book starts with an opera-man being sacrificed to “the bowl” somewhere in the Savage Lands.  A wizard is having the best of the best on Earth kidnapped and sacrificed in an effort to summon a demon god. The demon is pictured, and it’s easily implied that it is a symbiote of sorts. The brutality involved in the summoning process is just unreal, and the artistic depiction of it will sate your blood lust for sure.

Conan is in the middle of fighting The Hand when Wolverine arrives and helps by killing the last ninja in the fight.  Then, out of nowhere, he picks a fight with Conan. Now, normally I would have NO problem seeing a fight between Conan and Wolverine.  I mean who wouldn’t want to see that?  But my problem with this particular encounter is it feels like they did it just to have them fight. Kind of like when anyone comes across an enraged Hulk. But neither of them are The Hulk. Wolverine might not be the most calculating warrior, but he really had no reason to pick this fight.

Wolverine shows off his abilities, so on and so forth and then of course they show their respect for each other as warriors.  It felt very cookie-cutter.  They part ways as Conan, a thief among other things, is after an amulet. Wolverine’s goal is to stop the sacrifices and summoning of the demon god.

Wolverine fails to save a friend and fellow super-hero of his from being sacrificed (I don’t want to spoil EVERYTHING for you).  He gets laid-out by The Hand and in the process gets hit by five shuriken and approximately 70 arrows.  It is then revealed that Frank Castle’s family had been exhumed. They were brought to the Savage Lands in an attempt to lure him to be sacrificed.  The issue ends with The Punisher looking down at his family’s exhumed graves.

So I did have a problem with the fight between Conan and Wolverine in this comic book. But let’s be real: It had to happen.  I just think something like that could have been given either an entire comic book or at least a half-issue. That way instead of “Me stronger than you! Me fight you!” we could have had something more of substance.  Instead Wolvie attacked unprovoked, and the person he was attacking had just finished fighting with his enemies in The Hand.  One would think that they could have initially found common ground in that.  But I digress.  This was probably the one thing I didn’t enjoy about the comic book.

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